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Candidate Selling Points

What are you looking for in a Presidential Candidate? What are the real selling points for you in this upcoming election? From what I can tell already, the fun dance of pander to the voters is already on. So, is anyone pandering to me?

My first issue I want to see addressed is insider trading by Congress. To me this should have always been a no brainer, but clearly some of the people in charge are the scum of the earth and feel that policy is only good if it gets them rich… I think this should be a hot button issue in any debate and the only answer should be, if a member of Congress gained a single cent in profit or a single cent in campaign funds from a company effected by the actions of Congress that member of Congress should be forced to return everything as well as be removed from severing in Congress. If the offence was purposeful, as in a forced vote, added amendments, etc. that gave financial gain from the outcome of the passage of a bill, that person should have a one way ticket to a federal prison for 10-50 years.

My second issue I want to see addressed is term limits for all Congress. The only way to get corrupt lifer politicians out-of-the-way for actual helpful laws is to get these blood suckers removed. No elected official in a federal position should be allowed to serve more than 3 terms. This would actually force a much needed “new face” for Congress after all the inept voting and posturing this last year. It would also allow for new ideas, new “leaders” and a better representation of the people who Congress is supposed to serve.

My third issue I want to see addressed is campaign finance reform. The federal government shouldn’t be allowed to give a cent to a political party for campaigning. No person running for office should be allowed to receive money from a lobbyist group, company, or non personal account. The government is there to enact laws for the people by the people, not for the dollar by the top bidder. I would also like to see a limit of $10,000 max for personal donations. That way even a single person cannot buy a vote and the little guy’s money actually matters. I do not think a cap on spending is needed if all of these rules were enforced. Because this is asking people to cut their own funding, you know it will never happen, but it would be nice to see a President try or see someone pay to have a national vote by the people.

My more practical issue I want to see is a balanced budget. And I don’t mean cuts, cuts, cuts. I mean I want to see someone actually create departmental reforms that allow for a balanced budget. I want to see someone actually address the root of the problem and fix it instead of the short-term show that everyone is putting on now. For this I will enact my favorite saying as of late when talking politics, they are all about the short time show instead of the long-term solution. I could go on and on about different ways to create this reform, but that’s not what this post is about.

My last issue is much-needed Health Care reform. The Obama plan stinks, I have not seen a single thing from it that actually fits the needs of the country or actually helps solve the problem it’s aimed at. This is a half assed attempt to combine the old system with a Universal Health Care system. Either go back to the old but with reforms and restrictions or head to the new where we have a full Universal Health Care system, but don’t get stuck in the middle because it just plain won’t work. The old system had its faults, but some small reforms and the system is back to being a solid benefit. Things like caps on insurance pay outs, allowed purchase of insurance over state lines, limitation of frivolous law suits, a government aid programmer to help cover under privileged patients. One of the biggest benefits to the US under the old system, we develop some of the best drugs in the world and our high-priced cost of medical care pays for that development, you don’t get that under a Universal Health Care system. As for the Universal Health Care system, I’m all for it if it is done right, but to explain that is a whole other post.

I don’t care about a politician’s stance on War or Abortion. I don’t care if the politician is Liberal of Conservative. I don’t care what party they are from… if they are able to address and actually fight for the things listed above, I will vote for them.


December 7, 2011 - Posted by | Politics

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